Swedish ATMs – a new clondike (at least for a few hours)?

Yesterday evening Swedish police where posted at ATMs after suspicious behaviours, where a lot of people where queuing up to withdraw money at many ATMs.  This after a rumor online that it was possible to withdraw any amount of money, at any time and without having funds on the account.

The problem was that the funds check on Swedbanks debit cards did not work due to a problem in their IT-systems. Withdrawals of money without funds where possible for some hours.

Clondike? Not! All transactions is tracked and persons will have to pay back (also as of terms in their agreement with the bank) if they withdrawn money without having the funds. Problem though if persons in access of stolen cards managed to do withdrawals..

Update: One person was interviewed in Aftonbladet on Sunday February 5. He claimed he took out 590 000 SEK (!) in multiples of the max per withdrawal (= 10 000 SEK)  without having the funds. He will now have to pay it back.

Police officers on site at an ATM Wednesday evening.
Photo by: Patrick Persson

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Infographics – All you need to know about mobile payments

This Infographics by Oberthur gives an ok overview on general/global mobile payments. Lacking is local and regional initiatives, and quite successful one’s, like Swish (Sweden), MobilePay (Denmark and Norway) and Vipps (Norway).

This Infographics divides the wallets into two major categories, OEM Pay (or “Tech Pay”) by phone manufacturers and Issuer Pay (or “Bank Pay”) by financial institutions allowing payments via their banking apps. I believe Retail Pay, besides all above mentioned, will be big. Good examples of these are of course Starbucks, but also Walmart Pay, Target Pay and Swedish Espressohouse :-).

See the Infographics here.



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A day with forgotten wallet – how to manage Christmas rush without cash & cards

This morning on my way to a customer visit I forgot my wallet at home, but I had my mobile. So could I manage a day just before Christmas without cash & cards just using my mobile?

On my way to a customer visit

The road toll was paid via cameras and will be invoiced at end of month. Then comes parking at the customer, I downloaded  a parking app and was asked to enter a card…luckily they also accepted PayPal.

Visit at the coffee shop

No problem, I used my Espressohouse app with a prepaid account.


Problem, when at cashier I acknowledged that they only took cash or cards, no mobile option, just to give back the products.


Lunch with a business partner and I managed to get him to pay J. Then I used my Swish app (real-time account to account payment) to pay my part of the lunch.

Parking at customer visit 2

Same as this morning, used the new parking app and paid via PayPal, worked nicely.

Shopping groceries on my way back home

First stop Willys where I paid using my credit based SEQR app, where I will get an invoice of that purchase next month. Not the best solution but it works.  Next stop ICA for last items to buy, used their QR-based mobile app and money was taken from my already pre-entered ICA card.


I (almost) managed a day without my wallet, but only with the use of tools and services that I know exists though I’m “in the business”. In the awaiting for Sweden and Norway to get their “act together”, eg. having enough enabled NFC payment terminals in the market (today Sweden has approx 30% enabled and Norway 70%), and a general mobile card based mobile wallet aka Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay, I will need to bring my physical wallet and the plastic cards.

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Apple gives exception to Sweden on App Store new ruling

After the media storm in Sweden, Apple seems to have given Sweden an exception from the new ruling on “no app can be dependent on another app to work” to be approved in Apple App Store.

The exception is done though very many Swedish apps (and services) are depending on the super popular Swedish Mobile BankID app for login/authentication and signing of transactions. The exception is for Sweden only and as I understand for Mobile BankID only dependent apps…at least for now.

It will be interesting to see what will happen on other markets…for example Norway has a similar situation, though not as popular as in Sweden.

So, congrats to Swedish Mobile BankID and to the Swedish app developers that managed to turn this into its and its very many users favor.

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App chaos after Apple’s new ruling update

At the developer conference a week ago Apple presented the redesigned and refreshed App Store. At the same time Apple has changed the terms & conditions for app developers. One change is especially standing out and will/could mean chaos for developers and users.

It’s the addition in point 10.6 of the t’s & c’s that already started to upset developers and app owners in Sweden. Earlier this rule was to ensure that all app’s to be released in App Store has a general and good user experience. The addition now stipulates that no app is allowed that need another app to be working. So, big problem for popular Swedish apps that need Swedish mobile BankID for login/authentication and signing of transactions.

Example of apps that will be affected when they want to update them are, super popular mobile money transfer app Swish with 4.4 million users and that “swished” 1B Euro in May only, all Swedish banks mobile bank apps, all major app based and popular governmental and public services. Also remember that Sweden and Nordic is a “iPhone countries” with 50% plus/minus market share.

The same goes also for our neighbor Norway with their “similar” mobile bankid app, not as big success as in Sweden, but used for login at mobile banks and other services.

So, it will be interesting to follow this. In short term the advice will be for app developers to follow the discussion between Apple and large players (eg. banks and governmental services). Or to find another and new way and to re-learn iOS users of using your app…because you don’t want to say to your users, “please change to an Android smartphone”…

I’m very convinced that we have just seen the start of this..by the way how will EU regulators react and act on this new ruling..



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Where in the world are the mobile payment users?

A recent report by Gartner they predict that the global market for mobile payments will triple from 2014 to 2017, from $235B to $720B worth of transactions.

Gartner says it’s more than 200 mobile wallet systems in the world, most of them are to be found in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

It’s all about need and Gartner says that the Western countries with their variety of payment options, will begin use mobile payment “in mass” only when it offers significant advantage over existing payment methods.

Comment: I’ve said it before, for mobile payments to really lift off, the basis is that it has to be as easy to use, as fast, as secure and not priced higher than cards. To get faster consumer adoption, the inclusion of mVAS (mobile Value Added Services) and this in a “smart” and for the consumer attractive format, will speed up the adoption and not to forget usage. For example “one tap pay”, that includes the payment and the use of coupons/offers/gift cards and loyalty will help, and where the transaction ends with a digital receipt that is always reachable from the mobile or the web.

Read the Gartner summary here.


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MCX delays CurrentC bets on Chase Pay

The MCX consortia now says it will postpone the roll-out of CurrentC. This after evaluation of the Columbia pilot and instead, at least short term (?), focus on the cooperation and promotion of Chase Pay.

Chase Pay use is an app based mobile wallet using QR-codes that is scanned by the cashier at checkout instore. Competitor wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay use “tapping” the mobile on the contactless enabled payment terminal.

One interesting is thing is, while MCX now promotes Chase Pay, two of largest and MCX merchants Target and Walmart are now rolling out their own mobile wallets Target Pay and Walmart Pay. For example Walmart is now rolling out Walmart Pay to 600 outlets in two states.

Read more  in Mobile Payments Today.

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