Alipay – it’s not about payment 

At a conference in Stockholm last week I got interesting info and a deeper view on Alipay. The Alipay UK representative did tell an amazing story, here are a few points.

  • Alipay is not a payment method nor a wallet, it’s a “super life style app”. It includes all needs in a Chinese persons daily life.
  • It’s for Chinese people only and has 520 million users.
  • 70% of all payment transactions in-store in China is via mobile, amazing!
  • One reason is that China seems to have “jumped” plastic cards and use virtual payment cards instead.
  • Alipay wants to follow the, today 120 million and quickly growing, Chinese abroad travellers. Hereby Alipay is and will be used in more and more, by Chinese tourists popular city’s, around the world. Last week pilot shops was launched in Stockholm, the first city in the Nordics to accept Alipay as payment in-store.
  • Interesting info is that a “good” Alipay user will automatically get an extra  €350 credit on their Alipay account when going abroad and to be used abroad.

So, Chinese tourists are, want and will use the Alipay app for also everything when they travel. So if you not in with your attraction, shop, offers and discounts you will probably not get much of their attention or spending.

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