Rumors pre MWC 2017

Next week it’s time again for the world’s largest mobile fair, Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. Over 100,000 visitors a will walk around in the eight halls, where over 2000 exhibitors will  present their products and services. “Hot” this year in addition to the traditional releases of new mobiles, are IoT (Internet of Things), AI & VR (Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality) and robotics.

Below is a summary of rumors and releases of new mobile phones “pre-show”:

  • Apple and as usual, will not exhibit or launch. We will have to wait for the iPhone 8, expected to have a “radical” redesign, until after the summer. Before that we will probably see a 7S launch.
  • Samsung will launch multiple products including a new tablet and products around VR. Samsung Galaxy 8 will probably come out in April.
  • Huawei. New P10 will be launched and will be the “star of the show”?
  • LG. Launch of G6.
  • HTC. HTC 11 maybe launched.
  • Sony. Xperia X2, XZ 2 plus more.
  • Moto (formerly Motorola, now Lenovo). Launches of Moto G5 and perhaps Moto G5 Plus and Moto G5 Plus.
  • Nokia (back agian! now owned by Global HMD). Retro launch of one of the world’s best-selling phones, Nokia 3310 :-), Nokia 6  an Android mobile for the Chinese market and the “world’s largest” tablet sized 18.3″ .
  • Blackberry (and still alive) will introduce Mercury, an Android mobile with classic hard-buttoned Qwerty keyboard.
  • Bäcke from Sweden. Launch of two low-priced Androids, one with the backside cover of hemp/plastic and one with linen/plastics. These will only be available to order online and priced at  €300.
  • In addition, vendors such as Alcatel, Microsoft, Xiaomi, Meizu, OnePlus and HP will showcase their (and some new) mobiles.


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