A day with forgotten wallet – how to manage Christmas rush without cash & cards

This morning on my way to a customer visit I forgot my wallet at home, but I had my mobile. So could I manage a day just before Christmas without cash & cards just using my mobile?

On my way to a customer visit

The road toll was paid via cameras and will be invoiced at end of month. Then comes parking at the customer, I downloaded  a parking app and was asked to enter a card…luckily they also accepted PayPal.

Visit at the coffee shop

No problem, I used my Espressohouse app with a prepaid account.


Problem, when at cashier I acknowledged that they only took cash or cards, no mobile option, just to give back the products.


Lunch with a business partner and I managed to get him to pay J. Then I used my Swish app (real-time account to account payment) to pay my part of the lunch.

Parking at customer visit 2

Same as this morning, used the new parking app and paid via PayPal, worked nicely.

Shopping groceries on my way back home

First stop Willys where I paid using my credit based SEQR app, where I will get an invoice of that purchase next month. Not the best solution but it works.  Next stop ICA for last items to buy, used their QR-based mobile app and money was taken from my already pre-entered ICA card.


I (almost) managed a day without my wallet, but only with the use of tools and services that I know exists though I’m “in the business”. In the awaiting for Sweden and Norway to get their “act together”, eg. having enough enabled NFC payment terminals in the market (today Sweden has approx 30% enabled and Norway 70%), and a general mobile card based mobile wallet aka Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay, I will need to bring my physical wallet and the plastic cards.

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