Will Star Pay take over mobile payments?

Will Starbucks very successful mobile payment solution, soon in a “general” mobile payment version Star Pay, take over mobile payments? Probably not, and as likely as if one of Sweden’s most used mobile payment app Espresso House, would go general with an “Espresso Pay”. Interesting is what is happening with the MCX consortia in USA and its awaited for CurrentC mobile payment….and with members in the consortia now launching own services like Walmart Pay and soon Target Pay. The number of mobile payments services (and increased fragmentation!) in USA is still growing…but I believe 2016 is the year when we will see consilidation over there. So, how many mobile wallets/payment app/services will we have, one wallet or thousand apps?

I would like to have :
– One or maybe two, “general” mobile wallets, incl a general payment service (eg. my virtual cards) and my other wallet services (my loyalty cards, gift cards, tickets, membership cards and coupons & offers)
– Max 5 mobile payment apps, for commuting, for parking, P2P, etc.
– Then I will have “many” mobile apps, where (I hope) many will have eto (easy to use, “few clicks”) & secure inapp mobile payments

Read more about Star Pay & Walmart Pay here

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