Payments are hot, hot, hot. Two out of three banks will increase investments in 2016

Investments in mobile payments, contactless cards & virtual cards and in real-time payment transactions will boom in 2016. Banks to take the lead as of Ovum research.

I also believe we will see nice growth in inapp mobile payments, digital & mobile wallets, mobile cloud-based payments and not to forget in mobile VAS like digital receipts, mobile/virtual gift cards & vouchers, loyalty & membership cards and of course a continuous growth in mobile coupons and offers.

Will also be interesting if we during 2016 could see solutions for cross-border authentication and real-time payments. And when/will Zapp launch in UK, MasterPass go live for in-store payments, CurrentC (by MCX) be launched, what country/countries Apple Pay will launch in Europe after Spain, and when will Android Pay and Samsung Pay and LG Pay come to Europe? And finally when/will Sony, HTC and the other mobile manufacturers launch their own wallets?

Plus more, giving that we all will have a very interesting new year to look forward to.

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