Apple Wallet launch September 9 to “fire-up” mobile payment interest

We will see what Apple launch on Wednesday September 9. Most probably Apple Wallet will be launched, a new name instead of Passbook and with new features and the new home for Apple Pay.

Rumours also say that the NFC capability will be expanded beyond payment, for example for use in ticketing and for coupons redemption. Also rumoured is a new NFC hardware that integrates a “secure element processor,” which could potentially eliminate the need for a separate chip dedicated to that task. Also the Touch ID module is to be upgraded, with reduced reading errors for more reliable Apple Pay. More advanced but not to come in this launched is the move of the Touch ID sensor to the screen instead as of today behind the home button. The idea with this move is that the user could point the finger, or more fingers, anywhere on the screen to get fingerprint authenticated.

Another big thing in this launch is Force Touch or as it probably will be called, “3D Touch Display”. This feature makes it possible to distinguish between light and hard pressure on the screen. It’s about 3 different ways to use, knock, press and press hard.

Also new in the iOS9 Wallet is the Offers feature that lets marketers to push offers to users through iAD. Apple will let marketers send out dynamic offers/coupons triggered by location or a user’s interests through iAd.

Anyway, this launch will “fire up” the mobile payment interest even more and will also increase the interest in Android based services.

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