European contactless adoption explodes – will lead mobile payment adoption

In this Finextra article Visa Europe reports that there are now 131 million Visa contactless cards that can be used at over 2.6 million terminals, and with over 1 billion tap-to-pay worth EUR 12.6 billion in the last 12 month. I believe Mastercard figures is as impressive (I’ve asked for it but not received yet).

UK leads the pack thanks to the success of paying for all transports in London using contactless payment cards, with more than 100 million contactless payments since launch.

As I commented before, this is very good news for mobile payment though contactless card payments will drive adoption for mobile payments using NFC. And rumors say that even Sweden will hop on the contactless card bandwagon “in mass” very soon (thanks ICA who’s takin’ the lead).

Mastercard has already mandated that all terminals must be ready for tap-and-pay by 2020 (incl the mandate that all new shipped from 2016 shall include NFC). Now Visa say the same stating that , by 2020 all Visa point-of-sale terminals in Europe will accept tap-and-pay payments.

The UK leads the way on adoption of Visa contactless cards, with 49.6 million cards that can be used at 410,000 terminals. France has 20.3 million cards and 405,000 terminals, Poland 14.5 million cards and 354,000 terminals, and Spain 11.5 million cards and 593,000 terminals.

Bildresultat för visa contactless payment

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