Blog post on Apple Pay and why European launch is delayed

Attached post takes up one hinder why it’s not “as easy” to launch in Europe as in USA. It’s about the much lower interchange fee in Europe.

Read blog post here

I believe there is some more things that making it take time. Ok EU, but there is still country by country things to consider, like

  • domestic legislations
  • infrastructure like NFC enabled POS’s (differs a lot from country to country)
  • contactless cards in distribution (will also drive mobile payments)
  • issuer (banks) readiness and not to forget willingness (plastic cards works “perfect” in many countries)
  • iPhone market share (differs also a lot between countries)
  • local mobile payment schemes and successful alternatives like Swish in Sweden

Example, iPhone has a very high market share in the Nordic countries..but the in some countries the contactless cards are not in distribution and the POS’s are not enabled for NFC payments.

So, of course there are progressive banks that want to go with Apple Pay but they have to take the infrastructure into account and a small bank will not drive this.

So, I believe that after US and Canada (after this summer) Apple Pay will come Australia and then UK (could be that UK will be before Australia) and I don’t believe UK will happen this year. And Nordics will not happen before next summer..

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