MasterCard tests swipe card with fingerprint sensor

MasterCard is enjoying the Apple, Google and others that want to ease payment while having a security level that is acceptable. The company has in partnership with Zwipe, a company that focuses on biometric tech, built a charge plate with a built-in fingerprint sensor and NFC, for trial purposes. The Zwipe MasterCard is said to be extremely secure, as example all data is stored directly on the card, rather than on an outside database.

Comment: I really believe that we will see more contactless cards and in more regions. Purpose is a simpler and faster payment for lower amounts (today amounts up to £20/€20$20). Security is that higher amounts need a PIN (or chip and PIN) and that every fifth purchase independant af value need to be with chip and PIN. I think this is ok, but wonder if the Zwipe MasterCard will ever be in production. Yet another card with higher cost and that need another update on merchant side including new certification.

I still believe that we will have chip and PIN cards, contactless cards and of course mobile virtual cards that will follow already existing standard payment schemes and without the need for new hw/sw and business agreements at merchant side.


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