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Why Mastercard and Visa go for Secure Element in the cloud

Read and interesting post on this discussing Android’s new HCE announcement and why MC and Visa was fast in supporting it, maybe as an answer to the coming Apple iWallet announcement (that will come!). Read post here. Advertisements

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Host Card Emulation – winners and losers

The Host Card Emulation (HCE) and now launched/supported by Visa and Mastercard will be a challenge for hardware based solutions (eg. SIM, MicroSD and special memory in phone). Will be interesting to see when/how tech providers like Gemalto, G & D … Continue reading

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BLE vs. NFC – what makes the difference

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is more and more talked about, both as competitor and as a complement to NFC. This Infograph from descibes  the pros and cons in an easy to read way. See full infograph here.  

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