Comparing mobile payment – central Europe vs. south east Asia

Large banks has started to launch mobile payment services (before all where trials and pilots). I see big differencies in how they do it. Below are an example comparison between a large bank in central Europe that recently did a commercial launch versus a large bank in south east Asia that just launched a large pilot.

I believe there will be 4-5 major tracks for a mobile payment service setup and they will depend on region, bank infrastructure and card infrastructure but also on potential margins for a payment transaction. For example in northern Europe with a good bank/card infrastructure and “low” transactions fee’s, I think it will be harder to launch a payment only service from MNO’s or MNO/Bank versus if banks or card company’s do it themselves. But for example in eastern Europe and Africa a MNO or a MNO/Bank mobile payment service would/could work and there is already success examples of that, eg. M-PESA even though that service up to recently has been a mobile money service.

Different mobile payment service setup’s:

  • Bank or bank coop’s (incl. joint ventures)
  • MNO or MNO coop’s (ex. Weve, WyWallet)
  • Card company or card processor
  • MNO/Bank joint ventures (ex. M-PESA, ISIS)
  • Big brands (ex. PayPal, Google Wallet)
Service Mobile payment Mobile payment
Mobile wallet No, direct account Yes, card in the cloud
Use case POS, online, ATM, vouchers, P2P POS
Limit per purchase No yes, USD 65
Special HW No Special SIM
Sensitive info on mobile None All card info
Sensitive info at transaction None All card info
Mobile Network Operator No, all Yes, one
TSM need No Yes
Handset support Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Java, Windows Phone 5 models
NFC In plan Yes, but need certification
Need special POS No Masterpass enabled
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