Biedronka goes mobile payments instead of card payments

Biedronka is the largest supermarket chain in Poland with 2000 outlets, 37 000 employees and a turnover of €5800M (2011). Biedronka has up to now only accepted cash for payment though they don´t accept the high card charges.

As of different sources in Poland (ex. Wirtualna Polska and Biedronka will soon accept mobile payments via an own service. The mobile payment service is based on a mobile wallet that is coupled to the customers choosen bank account. The customer chooses “pay” in its Biedronka mobile payment app, a payment code is shown and given to the cashier, the purchase is then displayed in the mobile and approved with “OK”.

Another example of a large player that will create their own mobile payment service is the joint venture MCX, consisting of the largest retail chains in USA.

This is yet another proof on what I have commented before, that I believe the main players in mobile payment will be financial institutions (banks, card companies), mobile network operators and large brands like for example Biedronka, MCX and maybe Google Wallet and ISIS.

About Biedronka


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