All Swedish mobile operators in joint venture for mobile wallet services

Telia, Tele2, Telenor and 3 have formed a equally owned joint company for mobile payment. Coming summer all Swedish mobile customers, with both subscription and prepaid, will be able to use the new company’s payment services.

Today hundreds of thousands of Swedes paying their public transport travel or parking using their mobile phone and the goal of operators collaboration is that the cell phone will be used for more transactions. For customers, this means that all mobile operators have the same solution, which facilitates, for example, when changing mobile operator. The trade offered a single counterparty which includes providing greater security and less administration.

I believe this is good news for consumers and merchants and will pave the way for mobile payments in Sweden and the Nordics. Today it’s only Telia that has a service on the market, a service based on technology from Accumulate. The cool part with Telia’s service is that it is already prepared for all payment situations, POS, person-to-person, online, man-to-machine (vending, parking, etc) and extra services like SMS voting, ticketing, gift and loyalty cards, etc.

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One Response to All Swedish mobile operators in joint venture for mobile wallet services

  1. papaulsblog says:

    I have been writing to MOC, DOT, TRAI, RBI and the Industrialists about the scope of Money Management using phones both wired and wireless for years. in fact I have innovated and this as early as in 1996 after implementing IN based Mobile Pre-paid service in one of the first GSM network in India. Frustrated with no response neither from the Govt. ministries and other agencies nor from the Indian Telecom industrialists, I have published the details in net for anyone to pick up use the ideas contained in my proposals. Meanwhile Banking Industry have hijacked the ideas which is going to be detrimental to the lethargic Telecom Industry that refuse to come together and reap benefit of this most effective non-telephony VAS.
    Welcome if anyone need more technology info on my proposal of Money through Mobile (MTM)

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