Only 27% of US merchants will be EMV-ready at 1st October deadline

US merchants are less ready for the October 1st liability shift then expected. A recent report from The Strawhecker Group (TSG) has found that only 27% are EMV-ready and will gain the liability shift. Same report shows it will take another 1½ years before 80%+ merchants comply with the new rules.

Major issues is replacements of POS-terminals and processor and gateway readiness. Other things is tech problems like problems with foreign issued cards at payments.

..can one thing creating problems be that US goes for Chip & Signature while rest of the world goes Chip & PIN..

Read an infograph about TSG’s findings here.

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Barclays to be first to offer mobile contactless payments via Android mobiles in the UK

Roll-out of the Android app for NFC will take place next month, enabling customers to use their handsets for ‘touch and go’ payments at over 300,000 locations in the UK, as well as across the London transport network. Transaction values will be limited to £30, rising to £100 if users enter the PIN on their mobile device.

No info yet on when Barclays will jump on the Apple Pay bandwagon in UK.

Read more here Barclays first to offer mobile payments via Android

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Apple Wallet launch September 9 to “fire-up” mobile payment interest

We will see what Apple launch on Wednesday September 9. Most probably Apple Wallet will be launched, a new name instead of Passbook and with new features and the new home for Apple Pay.

Rumours also say that the NFC capability will be expanded beyond payment, for example for use in ticketing and for coupons redemption. Also rumoured is a new NFC hardware that integrates a “secure element processor,” which could potentially eliminate the need for a separate chip dedicated to that task. Also the Touch ID module is to be upgraded, with reduced reading errors for more reliable Apple Pay. More advanced but not to come in this launched is the move of the Touch ID sensor to the screen instead as of today behind the home button. The idea with this move is that the user could point the finger, or more fingers, anywhere on the screen to get fingerprint authenticated.

Another big thing in this launch is Force Touch or as it probably will be called, “3D Touch Display”. This feature makes it possible to distinguish between light and hard pressure on the screen. It’s about 3 different ways to use, knock, press and press hard.

Also new in the iOS9 Wallet is the Offers feature that lets marketers to push offers to users through iAD. Apple will let marketers send out dynamic offers/coupons triggered by location or a user’s interests through iAd.

Anyway, this launch will “fire up” the mobile payment interest even more and will also increase the interest in Android based services.

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The Periodic Table Of Payments Startups

120 payment listed by CB Insights. Click the table to see all.

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European contactless adoption explodes – will lead mobile payment adoption

In this Finextra article Visa Europe reports that there are now 131 million Visa contactless cards that can be used at over 2.6 million terminals, and with over 1 billion tap-to-pay worth EUR 12.6 billion in the last 12 month. I believe Mastercard figures is as impressive (I’ve asked for it but not received yet).

UK leads the pack thanks to the success of paying for all transports in London using contactless payment cards, with more than 100 million contactless payments since launch.

As I commented before, this is very good news for mobile payment though contactless card payments will drive adoption for mobile payments using NFC. And rumors say that even Sweden will hop on the contactless card bandwagon “in mass” very soon (thanks ICA who’s takin’ the lead).

Mastercard has already mandated that all terminals must be ready for tap-and-pay by 2020 (incl the mandate that all new shipped from 2016 shall include NFC). Now Visa say the same stating that , by 2020 all Visa point-of-sale terminals in Europe will accept tap-and-pay payments.

The UK leads the way on adoption of Visa contactless cards, with 49.6 million cards that can be used at 410,000 terminals. France has 20.3 million cards and 405,000 terminals, Poland 14.5 million cards and 354,000 terminals, and Spain 11.5 million cards and 593,000 terminals.

Bildresultat för visa contactless payment

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Apple Pay goes live in UK on July 14

Different sources, for example GSM Arena, say that Apple Pay UK premiere will be on July 14. At start payments up to £20 only will be accepted, support for larger amounts is said to come later.

It will be interesting to see which banks will be in from start..I believe all big one’s though it’s said that UK banks is “running over each other” to get Apple Pay.

My guess is that a few large retailers selling “everyday items” and some coffee chains will be in from start.

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Consumer watch on mobile wallet – 2015 is the year it will happen

In a recent consumer watch report on mobile wallet by CMB in the US, the result is that mobile payment and wallet is here and 2015 is the “tipping point” for adoption and usage.


  • For those who used it security is still the main issue.
  • For those who haven’t used it main concerns are identity theft, fees and integrity.

Compelling for potential users are rewards and discounts features.

Click link below to see report.

Report_Consumer-Pulse_Mobile Wallet_June 2015

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