Consolidation game mPOS is on

The number two and three players on the European market SumUp and payleven has decided to merge. I believe one reason of this merger is to take on the number one in Europe, iZettle and maybe try to take on Square in the US..

SumUpTotally invested in these two so far is $51M in payleven and €50 in SumUp. In iZettle the raised capital totals $244M and Square raised $590 before going public on November 19, 2015.

Industry players I’ve talked to says the combination of SumUp (“with better technology”) and payleven (“with better sales & marketing”) could be a 1+1=3 game. We will see, anyway the consolidation game in the very crowded hardware mPOS market is on.


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Verifone Carbon – at last a designed POS

It’s not often I get impressed, but this launch kind of impressed me, the new combined POS-terminal Verifone Carbon. Read more about it here.

Verifone Carbon

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LTP lists 50 Scandinavian FinTech Companies to watch in 2016 – I added a few

Let’s Talk Payments have listed and reviewed 50 Scandinavian FinTech companies to look out for in 2016. Read the article here.

I agree on many of the listed but lack a few interesting one’s like BlueAccess (mobile EFTPOS), Findity (digital receipts), Mobile BankID (infrastructure/security), Shopbox (mPOS), Twinsoft (mobile content enabler) and Vipps (payments).

Scandinavian FinTech companies

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Latest mobile payment – CakePay

CakePayCheesecake Factory’s CakePay is now launched at their restaurants. Guest check in via their app, a four digit code is shown and given when order is taken.

The code is then entered together with the order in the cash register. The guest can then follow their order in the app and when ready to leave just chose check out, use preferred payment method and even split the bill with friends.

Read more here.


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Summary chart of Fintech hubs to watch

This infographic from bobs guide shows an overview of Fintech  hubs in US, UK and EMEA to watch.

See the graph here.

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Money remittance is slowly getting out of banks hands

A recent report from The World Bank shows that the pricing of sending and receiving money is decreasing, and this quarter by quarter. Main reason is the entrance of many new services by Fintech company’s. The global average cost of sending remittances fell to 7,37% in December 2015.

It’s still the poor that pay the most, mainly I believe because of risk and distribution issues. Many believes that blockchain technologies will considerably lower the cost. EU is also stressing the eco-system system participants to lower the cost via regulations effecting the EU member countries.

Read more The World Bank on remittance cost.

Remittance cost pricing chart

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A comparison of 3 biggest digital wallets globally for 1-Click Checkout

Let’s Talk Payments have a done a quick comparison on big digital wallets and their 1-click checkout services. Even though the services aren’t available on all markets, it gives you an insight and idea on where I believe we are heading, as of user experience in digital and mobile payment and checkout services.

See the comparison table and read comments about the three 1-click checkout services here.

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