Apple finally to embrace NFC in new iPhone and iWatch coming in September

I’ve said before in this blog that I don’t believe that Apple will launch NFC in iPhone…but I’m starting to change my mind. This after the last weeks signals and rumours and this time from sources that I believe in, like Wall Street Journal, Finextra, AppleInsider, TechCrunch and now last from the normally initiated KGI securities analyst, Ming Chi-Kuo.

If right we will in the September launch find NFC in two new models of iPhone’s, both with larger screens , and intwo models of a new gadget, the iWatch.

This move if/when happening will be interesting in many ways

  • Consumers would be able to use their iTunes accounts to pay in shop with “a tap” (and PIN if high amount = more than $20/€20/£20/200SEK).
  • Interchange fee? Card not present fee (card is on file) and liability? What’s needed on the merchant side, new agreement, sw upgrade of POS/cash register systems? Cards is in the back of the iTunes account so card companies “will not worry that much”, they will get the transactions in any case.
  • Will/how will Apple handle vendors of mobile wallet solutions? Allow other wallets to enable iTunes payments?
  • Many new POS’s is WE/Asia/US is already hardware ready, just need to be enabled.

..consumers will embrase this move, will be interesting to see how offline merchants react..

Anyway, when it happens it will be good news for the smobile payment and mobile financial services industry.

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Why Mastercard and Visa go for Secure Element in the cloud

Read and interesting post on this discussing Android’s new HCE announcement and why MC and Visa was fast in supporting it, maybe as an answer to the coming Apple iWallet announcement (that will come!).

Read post here.

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Host Card Emulation – winners and losers

The Host Card Emulation (HCE) and now launched/supported by Visa and Mastercard will be a challenge for hardware based solutions (eg. SIM, MicroSD and special memory in phone). Will be interesting to see when/how tech providers like Gemalto, G & D and Oberthur and solutions like Isis and MCX will react on this.

Still there is one point using a solution where the card info is stored on special hardware in the phone, you can pay even though the phone is off for example if battery is dead or if offline (valid for amounts up to €20/$20/£20).

See article on HCE here and here

MasterCard and Visa are supporting HCE for mobile payments

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BLE vs. NFC – what makes the difference

BLE vs NFCBluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is more and more talked about, both as competitor and as a complement to NFC. This Infograph from descibes  the pros and cons in an easy to read way.

See full infograph here.


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A snapshot of the mobile wallet race

A summary and a “foothold” on players that want to be in your pocket.

Article here

The crazy proliferation of payment options right now. (Forrester)

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Swedbank shut down its mobile payment service Bart

Swedbank, one of the largest banks in Sweden, has decided to close down its proprietary mobile payment solution Bart and this just half a year after launch. One reason is said to be lower number of users than expectations.

According to Swedbank, the service has about 20,000 registred users.  How much Swedbank has invested in the Bart project is not disclosed.

In June 2013 Swedbank announced that the Bart service, who works with the help of QR codes photographed by cameras mounted next to the cash register, was installed in all of Axfood grocery stores.

Source: News agency Direkt

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Zapp – a crazy idea that will probably work

Zapp – a crazy idea that will probably work.

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